Co-creating Local Knowledge Network (CLKN) is a platform to connect the most unconnected- women, non-binary individuals, and other individuals of rural, tribal communities. This creates safe spaces for women and non-binary individuals and adopts the principle of the Co-designing approach ‘People as Nodes’. The local mesh network which was formed under CLKN, was set up as part of APC (Association for Progressive Communication ) grant project. This network,  across geographies, appreciated indigenous knowledge systems and knowledge exchange among communities.

The Bhooteru community is one of the key actors of CLKN infrastructure. The primary aim of this network was to support digital inclusion with a focus on Gender and Women’s Participation to create their own network ( local informal archives)using technology and innovative frameworks. This would ensure that rich information from all communities of Bidar will be available for the community, to share, and to know.

As part of infrastrcuturing CLKN, two set of workshops were conducted in Bidar with Bhooteru (Bhooteya) community, Kumbara(women singers) and Women Shayaras(poets). Bhooteru community attended both the workshops. These workshops aided in developing community-led network infrastructure. This also helped to expose the community to network-based technology and its relevance. Through multiple engagements, conversations community started appreciating the value of recording, having a local network by the community for the community consisting of the documentation of diverse culture, practices, art forms, and literature of the city.

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